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Case Study

Creative Guild refreshes Aura’s package design to appeal to a younger, more style-conscious buyer and better position the brand for international retail opportunities.

Aura’s primary product offering is premium, polymer deck tiles sold in small bundles for use by renters and condo dwellers to elevate their outdoor living spaces. The product is affordable, lightweight and easy to install, making it the perfect fit for DIYers on a budget.

This project was executed as part of a larger brand refresh. A key consideration of the brand refresh was, of course, packaging. With the nature of the product frequently being an impulse purchase, we knew the package design would often be the first impression – the first interaction between the customer and the brand. It needed to be clean, easy to read and attractive to modern, design‑savvy buyers.


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The ask was two-fold. First, help Aura appeal to a new, growing demographic – the younger, more style‑conscious buyer. Additionally, we needed to better position the Aura brand to expand from its regional markets into larger relationships with new international retail partners.


Strategy & Approach

A bold, white background was used to differentiate the Aura packaging from its competitors on the shelf and give a nod to other easy-to-use and stylish brands (such as Nest and Apple). New photography showcased the product in use without relying on the typical backyard lifestyle imagery found on almost every other package design we saw in competitors. Keeping our imagery focused and clean we were able to truly highlight the beauty of the natural wood grain offered by this durable, easy to use product.

In addition to an updated design and new visual elements, our agency also distilled the key selling features and benefits of the product to communicate them more efficiently and effectively for cleaner presentation across a variety of languages.

The finished product was then rolled out in English, French, Spanish and German to serve markets in multiple markets around the world.


Final Experience

Since rolling out the newly designed packaging, Aura Outdoor Living has grown market share and revenue, driving sales growth by 63% year‑over‑year.

Additionally, Aura has been able to secure multiple net new retail sales agreements with organizations including leading North American brands and European DIY specialists.

“Creative Guild was a key partner in relaunching the Aura brand. As the creative lead they effectively and efficiently brought new life to our product lines and have helped us achieve success throughout North America.”

Michael Shisler, National Sales Manager, Gracious Living Innovations