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Case Study

The Muskoka Burger Experience has become a signature event for the Turtle Jack’s brand to celebrate summer and that seasonal favourite: the burger.

Each year, the Turtle Jack’s Burger Program kicks-off cottage season by featuring new must‑try, gourmet burgers and sides available for a limited time only. The 2018 Burger Program was no different and, thanks to some creative thinking and thoughtful design, proved to be the best one yet!


In-store POS
Social Media

Our Role

Creative Concept
Art Direction
Creative Development
Paid Media Strategy

Sales increase


from 2017
TLC member entries


for a backyard bbq contest
Loyalty program activations


increase from 2017 to 2018


Develop an integrated marketing campaign that would drive foot traffic to locations, increase sales of the LTO menu items during the campaign period, increase awareness of burgers as a signature Turtle Jack’s dish and increase guest engagement with their ‘TLC’ loyalty program.


Strategy & Approach

To pull it all together our creative team came up with the ‘Muskoka Burger Experience’ theme, which artfully reinforced the brand promise of being a go-to for true, premium cottage hospitality while also giving a clear nod to the unique flavour profiles and generous portion sizes of the burgers themselves.

The in-store POS showcased the burgers photographed to show off their generous proportions and then superimposed onto sunny lakeside backgrounds to inspire daydreams of summertime BBQs down by the dock.

The campaign was also supported digitally through a landing page on the website, a paid media campaign (Google Banner Ads and Facebook) and a series of targeted emails.

Turtle Jack’s loyalty card holders (TLC members) were given the opportunity to receive up to 10 times the points for trying the new burgers and sides, and a chance to win a backyard BBQ party with a Turtle Jack’s Executive Chef. Offering the Executive Chef experience as prizing supported the brand positioning as a premium choice in the fast casual space and provided a further incentive to order from the menu.


Final Experience

The 2018 Turtle Jack’s Burger Program results were outstanding. The program saw a 25% sales increase from 2017 and a 64% increase in loyalty program activations during the program duration.

“Coming into a new senior marketing role leading a multi-brand concept, I quickly recognized Creative Guild was a true partner. They helped guide me to success in my new role and established themselves as an integral part of my team, not an ordinary supplier”

Somer Mullins, Vice President of Marketing, Tortoise Restaurant Group