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We are Creative Guild, and we love meeting new and interesting people, and engaging in new and interesting challenges.

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Brand Development

Marketing & Advertising Strategies

Digital Strategies

Digital Marketing

Retail Marketing

Social Media Strategy & Management


Art Direction


Graphic Design

Web Development

Mobile App Development

Custom Programming

Video Production & Animation


B2B Marketing

Public Relations & Influencer Marketing

Media Management & Buying

Corporate Communications Strategies

Marketing Automation

Print Design

Creative Guild is a full-service
Marketing & Advertising agency

Since 2007, we’ve specialized in creative strategy, branding, visual design, digital strategy and the web development of tailor-made websites and digital experiences.

At Creative Guild we are driven by a desire to discover and share; the next idea, the next innovation, the next insight, the next compelling message. As communications specialists at our core, we’re dedicated to crafting and sharing stories, and we are bonded by our love of design.

We embrace a creative, collaborative process because we understand that there is no onesize- fits-all solution. Every client brings unique considerations and singular needs, so we don’t rely on a ‘signature’ style or system.

Your company vision comes first. We invest time and energy into getting to know your product, your industry and your audiences.

From there, we work to find the untapped opportunities to voice your brand in a unique and memorable way, producing messaging and visuals that will resonate with your audience and capture their attention.

197 King William Street
Hamilton, ON, L8R 1A7