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In 2018, our agency was engaged to refresh the Aura Outdoor Living brand. The objective was to help Aura appeal to a younger demographic and expand from a small regional player to an international presence, across multi-nation retail partners. Creative Guild worked with Aura to refresh their logo, reshoot their product photography, redesign their website and packaging, and launch a digital media campaign. Since the rebrand, Aura has seen a 63% increase in sales (YOY) and been able to secure multiple net new retail sales agreements with organizations including leading North American brands and European DIY specialists.

Sales Growth (YOY)

↗ 63%

Net New Retail Agreements

↗ 4+

“Creative Guild was a key partner in relaunching the Aura brand. As the creative lead they effectively and efficiently brought new life to our product lines and have help us achieve success throughout North America.”

Michael Shisler, National Sales Manager, Gracious Living Innovations

Unless otherwise noted, all statistics referenced are as of February 2019.